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Happy Purim To All!


This morning I had the delight to find out that Purim is a thing that exists. I also have the delight of having a “translator” who can explain things for us. I couldn’t help but share…

I’m gonna break this down real quick for y’alls:

Purim is the ONE holiday in the Jewish calendar that doesn’t involve the following:

-encountering elderly relatives that make you wonder what you’ll smell like at 87

What it does involve is:

– binge drinking
– costumes
– tomfoolery
– baked goods (hamentaschen to be exact)

Essentially it’s “Jewdi Gras.”

Warm regards.




This episode is brought to you by Ben & Jerry’s, maker of the new core flavors (note: Ben & Jerry’s provided no monetary compensation for all of these sick mentions, we both just love their ice cream). We talk dessert, why you should stay at home rather than come to Austin for SXSW, the Oscars, and the secret world of #fratlife. “#SUCKIT, JULIA!” – Galadriel/mid-60s Bob Dylan

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Happy 69th Birthday, Bob


I’ve always felt a weird bond with Bob Marley, and I don’t just mean because he was responsible for much of the background music that played in countless cars and garages in high school when the holy herb and I were best buds.

Bob Marley died on my birthday (seven years prior to my birth) and although I’ve never put together what that means exactly, it’s stuck with me over the years.

Bob, who might be the only musician that I would ever refer to by first name (because calling the man who once sang “I’m gonna smoke’a de ganja until I go blind. You know I smoke’a de ganja all a de time” as “Mr. Marley” just sounds silly), would’ve been 69 today and arguably no other musician in history has delivered such inspiration and overall good vibes with his such simple, stirring music. So now matter where you are or how cold it is, take a second and celebrate the Rasta Man himself.

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