Well well well, if isn’t The Bro Journey. Back in your internet faces again on a regular basis. Didn’t think it would ever happen again, eh? Well, I have a quick little quip for you savages… WE ARE F’ING HERE TO STAY. Well not totally, I locked Max outside on our balcony last night and haven’t let him back in yet. So we’re kind of back to normal form.

Anyway, I wanted to holler at you peeps because yesterday was kind of a big deal. It’s the 11 month anniversary of The Bro Journey. That’s right THESE two guys have had a blog for nearly an entire year and didn’t burn the internet to the ground. So with such a markedly big day in the history of the inter pipes, I thought I would pop in and update y’all on what the fuck is going on in my life and a few of the things I’ve learned from doing this thing we call The Bro Journey for 11 months.

Buckle your seat belts, folks, it’s time to enter #teambringit mode.

Look at that body glistening in the heat!!

I do best when I have a list, so here it goes…

What’s going on with me

I’m busy at work

I have a pretty sweet new job at the Capital Factory.  It’s pretty rockin’ and I’m learning literally a SHIT TON. A big thank you to everyone who helped me get into this position. I’m stoked on where I’m at and it’s only going to get better from here. Thank you, everyone.

I got food poisoning

I’m not willing to admit that it COULD have come from my all time favorite restaurant, Sandy’s on Barton Springs, but it was awful. Don’t get it, ever. Thanks to Max and MS4 for taking care of my fat little face.

It’s not swamp-assishly-hot in Austin any more.

The bearded dragons of East 6th street will be more comfortable now that they don’t have to hide ice packs in the pockets of their flannel shirts anymore. And I actually leave the BroJo cave during the day, so that’s kind of nice.

I work one city block from a Chipotle now

This is a nice little follow up from before. I’m not falling-on-my-face obese just yet but I’ll be there soon. My love of Chipotle burns brighter than the sun so you can probably spot me at Chip at least 16 times a week now. So awesome.

I’m building a lot of websites and doing a lot of side projects.

As @dadboner once tweeted, “I feel like I could bench press 1,000 tractors, you guys.” I tend to take on his mentality and metaphorically try to bench 1,000 tractors in my free time causing me to be spread pretty thin. If you’re waiting on something from me, I’m sorry I’m most likely late, I guess I’d rather be stuffing my face with BBQ than work on your project.

The good part of working so hard is that I’m my happiest when I have a full plate. The other good part of doing all of this shit is I’m getting better and learning LIT-ER-ALL-Y a fuck ton. So thanks for your patience and get ready for some sweet stuff. Or something like that.

I have facial hair now

Jury is still out if it’s actually cool or not, but I asked Max to borrow some of his beard oil. His beard responded by almost choking me out. (And you wondered why I locked him in The Hunger Games arena in our backyard). I actually kind of fucking hate it because it itches so much but I’m going for it. SIDENOTE: my hair grew back from the 4th of July. So there’s that.

OK enough of me. This has to be miserable for everyone but my Mom. Let’s move on to some of the stuff that I learned over the past year while writing / co-owning / co-broing..

My friend Emma here gets as excited as I do for treats…

What I’ve learned…

I do well with lists

See what I did there.

The word altruistic means:

Showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others.

The internet is a very altruistic place

It’s been really crazy to see how nice people are and how willing they are to give up their time to read and respond to our posts. Translation: people actually read our shit and respond and share. For Two Big Jews (possible new name for TBJ) who just slobber around Austin and spew words out and do an occasional podcast (Editor’s Note: this is not meant to be offensive or backhanded. We accept all faiths & L’shana Tova to all), it’s really great to see that people actually read and want to read more. I really appreciate it when people text / tweet / FB / email with feedback on the site and stuff we’re working on, so thank you to everyone who has done so.

We posted 87 times with 78 comments

Metrics are neat!

Work with people who are fun

Max has it really easy because I’m basically the Stephen Hawking of dick jokes so having fun for us is pretty easy. Furthermore, everyone who has been involved in this thing has been really cool to us and has been super fun to be around. Max and I were likely separated at birth so we’re a great team naturally, but everyone who has chimed in thus far has been AWESOME and we love you all very much.

It takes forever to write a noteworthy blog

There are legions of shitty writers / designers / whatever out there. We’re likely the in the upper tier of that shittiness, but to provide you lovely blog readers with something of quality, it takes a really, really long time. I love how long it takes because I really have to put myself into it and I can’t mail it in. However,  time is a very important resource you don’t always have access to so longer posts are sometimes frustrating but very rewarding in the end.

Do not wait another minute

You’re sitting there with an idea for SOMETHING. I know it. Everyone has ideas. I’ve had so many ideas (most of them are total shit) that I just let float into the sky and I hate myself for not at least TRYING. Until now. We have tried with The Bro Journey and it’s kind of cool and I think we’ll get bigger and bigger with time (I’m referring to traffic / posts / events / whatever, but yes, we are on the fast track to Jerry Gergich levels of obesity (Anybody want to hit up Rudy’s this week?)) and our shenanigans will get more and more hilarious.

But you’re sitting here reading this blog and I KNOW that if you just fucking try, it will make you a better person. If you fail, it sucks, but you’ll experience and grow so much. I hate that I’m so afraid to do things because I’m afraid to fail. It’s awful. But if you just try and do that one thing you’ve been putting off, it’ll be SO rewarding.

I had like 7,011,125,151 (that’s a real number, right?) ideas for blogs and sites for as long as I can remember and I never acted on them. And then one day I said fuck it and here we are 11 months later in a foreign land doing what I love with the greatest opportunity anybody in my position could ask for. So what’s keeping you from giving it a shot?

Whoa. That got deep. Might need to go shotgun some funnel cakes on a canoe on Town Lake to recuperate.

Have fun. 

This blog is fun. Life should be fun. I’ve learned that you should be having fun with what you’re doing. Period.

Being fat is also fun. #america

Things to Expect

A new site

Yeah, I’m busy as shit, but I’m working on this thing and it’s going to be badass. I’m not going to tell you our deadline for the launch, but we set it like two months ago and are actually working on it. That’s all you need to know right now.

More involvement with Movember

We met the founders at SXSW completely by accident and have developed a relationship with the local committee and other folks who are involved with Movember. We are also going to go to Torchy’s and throw tacos at peoples faces to join our team. But seriously, we’re going to go hard in the paint with fellow mo bros. Max is organizing a team for the Livestrong Challenge in a few weeks and I’m SURE our involvement in the fundraising and Movember community will only grow in time.

Dumber jokes

There will be A LOT of dumb things coming to this blog. Including more memes. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

More content

I promise to write more and fill your fat faces with chortles for centuries to come. Or something like that.

That’s all I have for you lovely people today. Come back often, share this shite and get your faces ready to be blown away by The Bro Journey. THUNDER BROS HOOOOOO!!!!!

I’ll leave you with a quote I found on Quora earlier today…

Quote of C. A. Stavridis’s answer to Education: What’s the most powerful/inspirational quote you’ve ever heard?