Mission Statement:

To provide men, women, (supervised) children, and all in between with a thorough understanding and admiration for what it means to be a man in this day & age. Giggle as ye will.

Our Story:

When time began, titans ruled the Earth and achieved greatness by doing whatever the f*ck they wanted. Soon Gods took their place and, in turn, created such wonders as weather and chastity. Then there were Kings & Emperors who built powerful empires and conquered the world over. Soon enough there were writers and minstrels who passed the greatness of these figures down from generation to generation. Then a couple hundred years passed and some things happened/a bunch of sh%t went BOOM. And then one day Al Gore slipped and hit his head on his bathroom sink and EUREKA, the internet emerged and with that, the single greatest thing to happen to the written word since Shakespeare invented the pun occurred: we embarked on The Bro Journey.

In accordance with Movember, The Bro Journey launched in the fall of 2011 with one goal: create something awesome. With such humble intentions in place, Matt & Max worked creating a blog while combining their primary work as a writer and editor at the best writing service https://bestwritingservice.com/. Many of the works they wrote while working with this service are used to create content on this blog. They managed to combine their professional activities with their favorite hobby. The main goal for them was to make something out of nothing but dreams, jokes and a shared interest in telling cancer to go to hell.

With a year under our belts and a strengthened focus in how we can A) spread the good word, B) increase cancer awareness, and C) continue this-here adventure, we present to y’all: The Bro Journey. Where once we were simply two bros, searching for truth in a dishonest world, we are now a multitude of bros, lasses and others walking out into the wild blue yonder (cue anything by Explosions In the Sky).

So we say unto you all: Bro out, Grow strong & Mo’ On!

– Max & Matt


Matthew W.I. Jared

Breed: Fratius Indianus Disposal-MiX
Facial Hair of Choice: Scrubble
Adult Size: Husky
Data of Birth: Gari Kasparov becomes world chess champ
Age: 26
Sport of Choice: Lounging/”Coding”
Allegiances: Pawnee Rangers, help-side defense, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Fan Non-Fiction, The DDC, Max Bemis
Favorite Swansonism: “I hear it has a dope aftertaste.”
Location: Austin, TX



E. Max Bonem

Breed: Maxium Beardus Cincinnatius Hound
Facial Hair of Choice: Dense Forrest
Adult Size: Grande
Date of Birth: Mario Andretti records fastest Indianapolis 500 lap
Age: 25
Sport of Choice: Bike Accessorizing
Allegiances: Teddy Roosevelt, Butchery, Charles Barkley’s Golf Swing, Anyone that carries an ax over their shoulder not ironically, Jim James
Favorite Swansonism: “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.”
Location: Austin, TX