by Co-Founder / Co-Bro / Co-Pilot matt jared

Zup Peeps?!

Sorry, I’ll never do that again…

I just wanted to pop in today say hello to every and let you know that our lack of content this week (and always, for that matter) is due to our extremely busy personal lives (too much g-chatting at work) and the reformatting of The Bro Journey. We’re currently working with the coolest designer in the world to bring you a better and easier site with a few extra perks that will make for a more complete Journey for all. ¡ VIVA PAWNEE !

To avoid filling you in on the mundane and boring aspects of this process I want you to know that we’re both really busy and are working fervently to balance work life, trying to pick up slam pieces and bring you the best version of The Bro Journey possible. So PLEASE bear with us as we are trying to do a lot of stuff all at once and priorities have to get shifted when you do such things. (And I’m seriously getting nervous that UC and Xavier will be placed in the same bracket if they both actually make the tournament. (Which would be CRAY!!))

Anyway, I stumbled upon a really cool audio piece from Seth Godin and Darren Hardy today talking about Seth’s new book about marketing. As you know, Max and myself tell people that we work in marketing so they think we’re cool. Furthermore, Darren Hardy had a direct connection to the launch of TBJ and it all started with his book The Compound Effect. In the book, Darren explains that what you do EVERYDAY has a direct correlation with your performance and that your everyday actions are compounded over time for success (or failure). When I explain the book I always use push-ups as an example (this is the BRO journey after all)…

Let’s say you wake up everyday and do 10 pushups. After a week you’ll have done 50 pushups. Take the weekend off for hangovers and bike rides through cemeteries and start again the next week. After a month you’ll have done 200 pushups. After six months you’ll have done 1200 pushups and so on and so forth. If you DON’T do the pushups you’ll have 1200 more minutes of sleep…The whole point is: you need to do something everyday to slowly chip away at your goal (prior example was the goal to be jacked, I guess?).

Since Team Tallsome’s eternal goal is to be, well, awesome, I approached Max about starting a blog so we could 1.) stay in touch and build our friendship since he had just moved to Austin (wipes tears from eyes) 2.) build ourselves professionally by writing everyday / designing stuff for the site and learning the ropes of the digital world a little better. 3.) raise funds for Movember while growing mustaches. So far we have accomplished one thing…be awesome. And thats honestly all that matters. And we really have Darren to thank for waking us up to our every day potential.

So now that you’re probably crying because our story is so encouraging and amazing I want to leave you with a few deliverables (or calls to action if your a true douche):

1.) Listen to Seth and  Darren below talk about how we’re all weird and how that changes EVERYTHING and not just the marketing world.

2.) Get out there. Start your goal. Our goal was to be awesome. Sure we mostly suck as people, but our blog is kick-ass and its nothing but fun to get to entertain you all. Whatever your goal is… start today. If you want to run, walk a mile. If you want a girlfriend / boyfriend, put down your iPhone and actually speak to a woman / man. If you want to write an award winning blog, well call us because we rock at it (Translation: HELP, we suck!!).

3.) Be awesome. I know that’s our goal too, but you should definitely try. It’s weird at first, but totally worth it in the end.

4.) ALWAYS play THIS song when you’re about to do something crazy.

Well that’s it for me, enjoy Seth and Darren below and don’t forget to tweet about #fulldisclosurefriday tomorrow. It’s going to get really really weird.