I copied this from Facebook. I’m coming off a 12 hour bender, give me a break…

UPDATE: I’m in Texarkana, Texas for the night. Here are some statistics from my trip so far ….

800: Miles Traveled
12: hours driven (with a one hour subtraction for time change)
3: stops to get food, gas and puke in Arkansas
3: dinosaurs spotted while traveling (all coincidentally seen in Kentucky)
1: dead wolf on the side of the ride (also in Kentucky)
7: times I called Max Bonem to make sure that he actually lives in Austin
400: miles until I arrive in ATX tomorrow
0: amount of times I plan on going back to Arkansas
524621: turn signals

and finally…
2: times I thought I was going to get pulled over but didn’t

Everybody wang chung tonight in my honor as I might get abducted. See you tomorrow, ATX.