Don’t give up being epic for Lent.

Good morning.

Two years. It’s been two years since my last cigarette.

I can remember waking up Ash Wednesday morning in Columbus thinking “what have I done?!” And the next few days I chewed more gum, toothpicks, suckers, mints, pens, fingernails, chips, and/or pretzels than I ever have before. Quitting smoking sucked. But I did it. And it’s been two years.

This year for Lent – the forty days the church suggests you give something up to symbolize Jesus hitch hiking through the desert – I will give up nothing. This year for Lent I will gain. The church has bothered me lately. I find it difficult to find God when priests still openly denounce gay marriage. The pope retired. THE POPE! Appointed by God; quits.

So friends I urge you to reflect on yourself this Lent season.

Rather than giving up chocolate or Facebook, what do you stand to gain. Can you gain education from peers? Can you actually use than gym membership and gain pride? Can you refocus outward and not inward and gain respect?

It’s only 40 days, use it to your advantage.

Today’s song: Sail – Awolnation.

Wednesday Wisdom is brought to you by Bro Journeyer Chuck Wirtz.