If you hadn’t yet noticed, we here at Team Tallsome/ The Bro Journey enjoy using social media. And when I say “enjoy” what I really mean is we use it, abuse it, eat it, drink it, screw it, and then make it breakfast in the morning. You see we’re in a very unique place in communications history. As former marketing and journalism/advertising students, Team Tallsome entered the “real world” (this always makes me think of the red/blue pill scene in The Matrix (Thanks Keanu)) during the dawn of a new era for strategic communications. No longer would people be confined to talking on the phone or in person, no more letters of any kind, no more being weighed down by having to pry such things out of members of your family or friends as “how’s school?” or “are you dating anyone?” or “what does a typical Friday night consist of for you? Popcorn and a movie with some friends right?” Eh, yeah…

"Let's trip balls Morpheus!"

Suddenly, our entire worlds were thrust onto the internet, thanks mostly to a bunch of tech wizards who lacked social skills and liked to hack into the code of super Web sites, not unlike the ones that have made them billionaires (when Facebook goes public (supposedly) this week, Zuckerberg is set to make (a reported) $25 billion. Yeah, that’s more than Côte d’Ivoire’s GDP, folks). And not only could we suddenly comment on every aspect of each other’s lives, but now we can have conversations with brands. Not digging your new Nikes? Tell them on their Facebook page. Pissed that Arby’s got your order wrong? Tweet at ‘em. A consumer revolution is happening before our eyes and you better believe that companies are playing catch up to figure out how to deal with the sudden onslaught of informed buyers. 

But all of that aside, how do we as individuals stay up to date with new social networks popping up what seems like every other week? Sure, you’re on Facebook and you might be on Twitter. You’ve probably looked at countless “I Can Haz Cheezburger?” or “Sh*t Someone Says” videos on YouTube. You might even allow people to stalk your whereabouts through FourSquare. However, all of these social media channels are vets at this point, each of which has experienced countless re-designs and stages to get to where they are now.

Matt's favorite seduction technique.

Let me ask you this though: how many of you REALLY use Google+? The answer is none of you (except for Matt (but he’s a tool anyway so we won’t use him as an example)). You might claim to get it and all, maybe you can spit out a couple descriptors to show how it differs from Facebook (mostly that it’s powered by the Google empire and that no one on their executive board even uses it), but even with a freakishly large number of people who signed up immediately, G+ still has a long way to go before it’s really accepted and used with frequency by early adopters, not to even mention your parents or anyone who isn’t hip with it these days (and yes, Team Tallsome is definitely hip (currently, we’re instagram-ing graffiti or a puppy somewhere)).

Future side car companion.

However, there are new social media channels that are picking up speed quickly and are actually quite functional. Just when you think every aspect of online social communication has been covered, a new concept comes out that, of course, seems stupid at first, but soon enough you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of work and free time on it. Oddly enough, the current hot network gained users as a platform to share recipes and information/photos for brides-to-be. Ladies, most likely you’ve become familiar with Pinterest, but gents, don’t feel too in-the-dark if you just jacked up one of your eyebrows and are now giving the computer screen a strong “huh?” stare.

Yes, Pinterest might’ve caught fire for very girly reasons, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for good as well. You see unlike Twitter or Facebook, Pinterest’s platform is used to display photos/videos exclusively. Sure, you can attach a description, but what you really see are the photos. Here’s the gist: you choose a topic and name a “board” after it. You then find photos (either on other boards or out on the world wide web) and “pin” (or “repin” if they’re from someone else’s board) that photo onto your category-specific board.  What you’re eventually left with is a sprawling page of photos representing a certain interest or hobby of yours (i.e. sweaters, cupcakes, or “motivation” (bodacious, scantily-clad lady bods)).

Before you learn to navigate it, Pinterest can appear haphazard and cluttered, but breaking it up by category can certainly help, especially if you aren’t interested in looking at a LOT of photos of girls in slightly hipster-esque clothing (not that I’m not a fan, it’s just I can only take so many shots of girls doing their “awkward shrug” pose with flats and oversized sunglasses. Well, that and a LOT of baked goods.

Since the dawn of Pinterest amongst massive audiences (late in summer 2011) we here at Team Tallsome have kept an eye on Pinterest as it has grown into a super power. Throughout that time A LOT has happened in the world at large and this social network has all the buzz, ESPECIALLY amongst the ladies out there. Which got us thinking (we were most likely texting each other while pooping) that we should take a page out of our extreme leftist friends and turn Pinterest on it’s head. Since Pinterest is a made of 99% female users we, the men, need some kind of representation and we are going to take a stand!! (Cue “Forever” by Chris Brown)

The Advice Guru

Here’s the deal folks…. Pinterest is majorly dominated by the ladies of the social world and we have had ENOUGH DAMNIT!! It’s time to step it up fellas. Starting right now Team Tallsome is embarking on a Pintervention of the ladies and Occupying for the 1% and the men of the world. Yeah your girlfriend’s puppy board is f*cking adorable, but we must stand together and fight for the 1% (of male users that is). To take action, head over to our Manterest Board (accessible though either of our profiles) and start adding manly shit. It’s pretty simple and EXACTLY like Occupy Wallstreet (well sorta, but at least without the shitting in buckets part). Hopefully, over time we’ll spread our wings (like that of a Pterodactyl) in an attempt to distribute Manterist across the US of A.

If you are a lady pinner and feel inclined to join our tirade across the Pin boards we will gladly welcome you to the team, on one condition…you must pin some manly ass shit and send it our way. If you tweet at all try and use the tag #manterist so everyone can communicate with one another as we take a stand for the man!!

If you need an invitation to Pinterest go ahead and send us and email or tweet to us and we’ll do our best to get your set up. The movement has begun. ¡ Viva Bro Journey !