So today’s FDF is going to be a twee bit different, folks. The Bro Journey is pioneering a new technology to help y’all get tuned into what matters in life (our opinions). Instead of doing a regular review to end our Batman Series, we have released of our first podcast. We would LOVE it if you could throw in your headphones and give us a listen because we had a ton of fun doing this and hope to continue doing podcasts in the future. Don’t worry, we’ll always have freshly squeezed Bro Journey content in written form as well – we just want to diversify, knah mean?

To key you in on what happens in our “Pilot Episode,” we discuss The Dark Knight Rises A LOT, Max clicks his pen and I chortle quite a bit. We kind of ramble (and/or suck), but it’s our first go and we had a blast doing it. We hope you have a fun time listening, as well.