Howdy folks – How are things with you? Have you missed the tasty bloggy treats brought to you by Team Tallsome for the past few months? I’m sorry that we kind of vanished for a while. We’ve been busy eating breakfast tacos, listening to the Jalen Rose podcast and generally sitting on our asses. It’s been glorious.

In the spirit of our favorite season, Autumn, we’ll be gearing up and actually moving our fat faces for another round of mustache growing and and sexy bloggy content (read: Movember. And more blogging). I’ll (matt) be redoing the site to make it actually work on phones and be optimized for people to know what kind of brisket we prefer. It will be a lot better since I kind of know what I’m doing now compared to last time around. Max is currently in Ireland working on his James Joyce impersonation to be ready to change your life, one blog at a time when we return. With all of that, we’ve both actually been busy with other projects that we’re both really proud of outside of laying on the couch.

For me, I’ve started a small consultancy with a friend called Pixel Cactus. We like to make beautiful things online and off. Share this with your friends who have shitty websites or need help growing their businesses.

For Max, he’s recently gone back to long form writing (apparently what he writes on here ISN’T long enough (Kinda concerning?)) at a new blog called Never a Tourist.  I’m really enjoying what he’s written so far might need to sit him down and talk about it. Guy to guy?

Anyway, that’s enough of me talking and hoping you pick up on my DadBoner references. Hope you have a splendid Friday. If you made it this far your reward for sticking it out is below…