by: matt “hipster padawan” jared

Last Saturday night a few of my cohorts and I were drinking some black and tans (Guinness and Harp) and watching the Tebow – Brady bloodbath. We we’re really bored with the game so we switched to the Ms. America Pageant (I’m still legitimately pissed Ms. Arizona lost (also, if you know her, for whatever reason, send her my way)) and then to Saturday Night Live. SNL was mostly disappointing, even though my boy, Daniel Radcliffe, was the host Kristin Wiig stole the show as usual, although we were mostly bored the entire time. Then the announcer guy was spouting off about who was on the show next week and he pronounced the musical guest, Bon Iver, completely different from how I had been saying it. With that said, I got really embarrassed and confused at how I had been pronouncing the band’s name. So I made this handy infographic / chart to help you out if you’re trying to figure it out too. #teamtallsome out.