The Bro Journey’s life mentor, Kevin Lane, and his life mentor, Derek Stahlman, have an internet website known as Last Week’s Album. At LWA Derek and Kevin buy an album, listen to it, and review it a week later. I could see that the LWA dudes were on to something and we aren’t serving our musical audience AT ALL so I swindled Kevin and Derek into letting us syndicate their posts so you guys could enjoy them on The Bro Journey.

Get ready for more tasty musical content then you ever wished possible, Last Week’s Album is back with a new format and we’re going to keep you updated with all their shenanigans. Here’s what they posted a few days ago as a teaser for what’s to come with their new video format. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to share.



Derek and I sincerely apologize for the month-long hiatus, but we needed some time to recharge. That’s what happens when you put away half a bottle of scotch like I may or may not have done on NYE.

We also needed some time to plan out our new format, which we’re beyond stoked to announce… Starting next week, we’ll do away with the long-form written album reviews and switch to bite-sized video chat reviews!

Basically, Derek and I will stare into each others’ eyes via Google Hangouts and talk about last week’s album, face to digital face. So instead of reading 1,000+ words each week, you’ll get to watch our ugly mugs as we drink a beer, review an album, and argue over the finer details that only music nerds like ourselves care about. Lucky you.

This clip is what happened when we tried our first Google Hangout test. It went disasterously wrong, but we promise to have all the kinks sorted out by next week.

See ya then!