(Sorry that was so vulgar. We saw Zero Dark Thirty last night and that is a direct ripoff straight from the movie. Go see it if you can!)

Every Wednesday I get a group text from my close buddy Chuck Wirtz where Chuck imparts his wisdom and motivation on a small group of friends. To say that it is well-organized and refreshing moment of clarity is an understatement. Chuck writes from the soul and really gets me jazzed up.

I met Chuck  when we were in rival fraternities at OU (note how shitty of an accompanying picture you’ll find in this article) but we didn’t actually square off against one another like you see in movies with rival frats, we became good buddies and became even better friends after college when we were both in Cincinnati. I’m really excited to have Chuck as a regular contributor to El Hermano Viaje and I hope you guys are pumped for Wednesday Wisdom.

I picked the cheesiest image humanly possible from Chuck’s engagement pics that I could find. Hope you guys enjoy.


Good morning.

Every morning I walk into work with a cup of Starbucks coffee and smile. My peers always ask me how I can always be so optimistic.

I jokingly respond with (what has become my motto as of late), “coffee in the morning, whiskey at night.”

But in all reality, I am always so optimistic because, why should you be anything but? So a pen exploded in your pocket – buy a new shirt. So you’re stuck in traffic – put on a good jam and play the drums on your steering wheel. So you have bills to pay – yea, so does everyone, either lower yours or make more money. When I hear people complain, I always stop and remind them how good their life is.

Did you go to bed hungry last night? No? Oh, ok… Then your life doesn’t suck.

If we all took a moment to realize how good we have it, and how good we can make it, our lives, and those around us, would all be better. Today, when you start getting lip from some douche bag who is down on himself, set him straight, pick up his spirits, yours will move in that same direction, too.

SIDE NOTE: Wednesday Wisdom may be going viral with a website. Any feed back would be appreciated.

Today’s song: Beautiful People – Chris Brown