From the desk of Matthew William Isaac Jared:

Bro Journey team member (and my brother-in-law) Jeremy Louden has started  a March Madness style bracket to rate his favorite Mo’s. Jeremy is married to my sister so I am, by law, forced to heckle him in everything he does but this ranks as one of his most hilarious moments so everyone should check it out and send it off to your favorite social networking site, like Friendster. Check out the link below and don’t forget to donate to our team, only a few days left to support men’s health!

Editor’s Note: Please check out Jeremy’s work and share that shit. However, don’t donate to his team at all. Whoever raises the most money gets to choose what beer they want at family Christmas as well as choosing what the loser drinks. So unless you want me drinking Schlitz spreading yule tide cheer, I beg you to donate to MY team. Thanks peeps, talk to you soon!

Movember Madness at Enemy of Apathy