I answered a question on Quora about attending Ohio University and I couldn’t help but share. College is a crazy vortex of fun and hard work. Or a vortex of Nati Light and Hot Pockets. Actually I think it’s all of those things. Take a gander at my answer and let me know what you experienced in college especially if you went to OU. Of course, most students combine work and study, and still find time for unforgettable adventures. Such experience can be shared by those students who decided to buy college research paper here https://elitewritings.com/college-research-paper.html, this opportunity saves a lot of personal resources. It is important to learn how to effectively delegate one's responsibilities at the beginning of one's career path.

What is campus life like at Ohio University?


Ohio University is likely the place you thought of growing up when you were imaging college. It is the quintessential campus nestled in a little town that probably wouldn’t exist without the university. Brick streets (that are some times hard to drive and walk over) and gorgeous brick buildings are foiled perfectly with the Southeastern Ohio hills and foliage that set the tone for four years of fun, challenges and growth. If anyone ever questions the beauty of OU’s campus please send them back to Oxford.

As all things in life go, college is what you make it. Campus life at Ohio University can be a drunken shitshow on Court St. where you will have the time of your life or a personal endeavor where you join clubs or organizations and come out on the other end a different person compared to when you arrived. And yes, if you join organizations and take your classes seriously it’ll also be a drunken shitshow on Court St too. Everyone at OU loves to have a good time and there is a sense of humor almost to the absurdity of party life around campus. Everyone knows that OU is special and they want to preserve it by having a good time but not ruining it for future generations.

My friends who got the most out of college pushed themselves in organizations and classes but also had a blast with friends at parties outside of working and studying. If and when you find the balance, it is just fantastic the growth you experience and the fun you’ll have. No one ever asks me about my (very low) GPA or what I did in a certain class. They ask me what is was like to be the President of my fraternity or what Halloween was really like. I dove into jobs on campus and organizations and became what I am today. I also spent a lot of time at bars and parties. Going to OU allows you to be social and experience the fun side of college but also forces you to bust ass and learn what it’s like to work hard and be rewarded for it.

I’m 1,500 miles away now and I live with two Bobcat Alums and we probably bring up a story once a week about OU. What makes that special is that none of us were friends in college. Everyone has an amazing time at mostly the same places but we all have different stories and different versions of shared experiences.

Ohio University is truly utopia for the college student.

After you leave OU (no matter how long you were there, you have to leave at some point) you will feel so grateful for the experiences in Athens. You have truly experienced the best college has to offer.

When you run across a fellow Bobcat in “the real world” you’ll become fast friends. You’ll both nod and smile when you start telling stories about OU. There will be a twinkle in your eye because you both know that you’re lucky to have gone to Ohio University.