We wanted to let everyone take a peak at our growth up to this point. We look manly, terrifying, stout and cool. All at the same time.

Ponder away, big guy


Everything is bigger in Texas.

For the third week of Movember we are taking a back seat in the writing aspect of the Bro Journey and are inviting a few friends to share some thoughts, perspectives and some amazingly hilarious stories to broaden everyone’s perspectives. Anyway, this week is guaranteed to be a blast and we hope everyone has as much fun as us during Movember.

And finally, the whole point of this blog and the mustache growing shenanigans is to raise money for the Movember Foundation that benefits men’s health issues, mainly prostate cancer. We have kind of been struggling with a good goal for ourselves and finally decided to do it BIG (Texas Style, for those of you down south)  and set our sights on raising $1,000 for the greater good. Now that you know the goal, help us spread the word and grow those ‘staches!!

Happy Sunday and please give us a call if you were pumped about an amazing episode of the Walking Dead tonight, like we were.