This is Nick. He’s a renowned wood worker, craftsman, and canoe enthusiast. He greatly admires the work of George Nakashami and using large pieces of salvaged wood for practical application. After spending long hours in his California shop shaving, carving, and sanding, there’s nothing more he enjoys than applying Linseed Oil to his work and watching the tones transform right in front of him.

Nick is a man.

Nick is a family man. He’s a workin’ man. He’s a sensible man. He builds, crafts, and transforms with his hands. He is what all men should aspire to. Did I mention Nick has a side gig as well?


Oh yes friends, Nick Offerman IS Ron Swanson. This is only the beginning of this discussion, but check out Nick’s hella awesome Web site where he and his friends build things and please for the life of God check out this video of him on Martha, it’s outstanding.