Volume 8 of the podcast is here and we talk about a lot of things. Take the podcast for a spin and we’ll be happy to show your ears around pleasure town.

Bare Necessities

Detroit VS EVERYBODY: Is a thing

Don’t forget Detroit gear:  From our favorite t shirt company 

Divvy Bikes in Chicago: Are pretty cool

Karl the Fog at the Golden Gate Bridge: F&cking sucks

Shout out: The Local Transplant and Polish My Crown

The Cheers Fuck Face Guy: Was pretty wonderful

Ron Swanson: Is a simple man

Chris “Birdman” Andersen: Went as Matt this year for halloween

The NBA Dress Code: Might be why the NBA is relevant again

Or it’s Instagram: As the internet overlord Rembert Browne says

Bill and Jalen’s thing: Is amazing

James Harden’s Instagram: Is interesting

Magic Johnson is leaving NBA Countdown: And both our predictions are very wrong as to who will replace him