Max & Matt welcome special guest Bubby Eric, who brings the noise like only he can. Outkast, Paul Walker, College Sports, The Hunger Games, and more on this edition of everyone’s favorite 45 minute pastime.

 The Bare Necessities

The Most Powerful: Of Hours

Bubby Eric: Exists on the Internet

40 Degrees: In ATX

Roll Tide: For every occasion

Elephants: For the win

A sleuth of bears: Is scientifically correct

Sometimes we steal our topics: From other cool internet places

Birdmesters: Live in each of us

Remember when the 76ers: Were the worst team in the Association?

Xavier University: Over everyone

Even We Are Marshall: Needs love sometimes

Mike & Spike: 4 lyfe

The NCAA: Makes absolutely no sense

Sick callout: To Price Hill sports

Antwan & Benjamin: Friends 4 ever

Hiatuses: Are for wussies

The hippest of us all: Loves “B.O.B”

MACKLEMORE IS KING: Ryan Lewis is okay

Give Mr. Thriftshop: All the moneys

I hooked Rembert up during SXSW: Now put us on Grantland

I’m a loner Dottie: A rebel

Step off Hoots: You can’t cover a last call classic

Miley’s resurrection: Will haunt your dreams

Nothing is complete: Without an epic burnout