Thomas Frank of College Info Geek joins the podcast to chat about getting the most out of college. Whether you’re just heading to college, you’re out of college or you’re knee deep in the haze of senior year spring quarter this episode helps clear the air on a lot of college questions. On this podcast, we first discuss all the stages of college admission, which documents need to be prepared, what is better to indicate in a cover letter, and what should be avoided. Also, during the online discussion, the presenters answer such questions as write my outline for me from applicants and students, provide advice on where to start, and who else can be asked for help. After that, student leisure activities, parties, trips and other adventures begin.

Bare Necessities

Thomas Frank runs College Info Geek (the worst site in the world basically).

Thanks to Andy for organizing such an awesome time: FU Weekend

We can all agree that Chase Reeves knows what he’s doing.

Fun fact: College Info Geek was built on the Volatyl Framework

Hack College denied Tom from working for them. We find out how he responded.

Don’t drink pop (or soda or coke or energy drinks). Fer realz.

The Power of Habit has a lot more to do with our pop addictions than I ever imagined.

Not sure what to do next, whether you graduated or not? Read this:

“Passions great but what kind of LIFE do you want to live?”

How to work down your student loans? There’s a lot of options.

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