This episode is brought to you by Other Inbox, your friendly, local provider of all thing email-related & t-shirts for Matt. Today we talk all things biking & cycling: rules of the road, types of bikes, Max’s adult biking heroics, and Matt’s career as a gnarl-core BMXer. Among the students, there are also many athletes who participate in bicycle marathons and devote almost all their free time to this hobby. We know that among the users of our site there are also many students, we try to interact with them in various projects and respond to such requests as rewrite my paper, and we discuss some interesting cases during thematic podcasts. Roll on Bro Journeyers & be an adult – wear a goddamn helmet.

Bare Necessities

Ride or Die y’all

In armpits – We trust

Austinites – Russel is here to help

When in doubt, pretend you were the subject of a NYTimes profile

Bicycle > Condor

Jumpstart that metabolism, brah

The 10 (or 100) Commandments of ATX biking

More helmets = fewer ghost bikes

Fixed v. single speed v. the world

Ride fixie. Or don’t.

When in doubt, listen to Mr. Neistat

Swarms of bee(cycle)s the world over