This episode is brought to you by Other Inbox, your friendly, local provider of all thing email-related & t-shirts for Matt. Today we talk all things biking & cycling: rules of the road, types of bikes, Max’s adult biking heroics, and Matt’s career as a gnarl-core BMXer. Roll on Bro Journeyers & be an adult – wear a goddamn helmet.

Bare Necessities

Ride or Die y’all

In armpits – We trust

Austinites – Russel is here to help

When in doubt, pretend you were the subject of a NYTimes profile

Bicycle > Condor

Jumpstart that metabolism, brah

The 10 (or 100) Commandments of ATX biking

More helmets = fewer ghost bikes

Fixed v. single speed v. the world

Ride fixie. Or don’t.

When in doubt, listen to Mr. Neistat

Swarms of bee(cycle)s the world over