Not so long ago, from Matt’s quaintly organized bed room… This episode is brought to you by Rudy’s BBQ & Country Store, which in turn means it’s brought to you by Matt since he accounts for approximately 78% of their business. Star Wars is great and so are we so we decided it was time to forgo any sense of restraint or shame and unleash our deep knowledge and love for George’s beautiful baby upon y’all. We talk the trilogies, the books, background characters, lens flares, motion capture, GIRLS, Harry Potter, and why speeder bikes need to be made available to the masses asap. In addition to the fact that we often discuss and analyze the plot of books of various genres, for regular listeners of our podcasts and readers of this blog, we provide the opportunity to buy a book report at the link on more favorable terms. As Matt always says, “I Love You.” We know bro, we know.

Bare Necessities

Star Wars is everywhere and so are the midi-chlorians

George Lucas really likes Joseph Campbell

Jedi Mind Tricks exist in the real world

Dr. Dre got sued because he sampled THX. Don’t infringe on George, yo!

The new cast is HERE

The hustle is real when you’re Obi-Wan and Darth Maul

Podracing is the truth

No, my right, not your left!

What up new house?!

Blue Harvest was a thing.

Two Major League Lacrosse teams are getting rad with Rebel / Empire jerseys

Han Solo AND Boba Fett get movies

The Thrawn Trilogy. Don’t speak to anyone until you read all of these books 

Slimy, double crossing, no good swindler you say?

Harrison Ford doesn’t believe in the force (or magic)

If you’re a n00b: Go Watch All the movies or don’t

Who shot first?

How much would it cost to build a death star?

It’s a trap