This episode is brought to you by Grandma’s Hummus aka The Med Chef, producers of the best dang hummus this side of Dearborn, MI. Today we’re discussing one of the most popular subjects about town: Where to live in Austin. We cover the Eastside, South Austin, West Austin, Hyde Park, and some of the nooks and crannies that are attempting to keep Austin “weird.” Oh and we go on a tangent about Cincinnati neighborhood divides because we felt like it, so there.

Bare Necessities

Welcome to the Eastside

Coming to you loud and clear from East Cesar Chavez

Yes everyone, Max hails from the streets

Tiny Blue House – One Humungous Dude

The struggle is real

He’s from Southie?

We love you so much, ‘Sler

Slummin’ it, Baggins-style

Do you like movies and Shake Shack and all things good and holy?

Go West young lad

Or just stay in the middle, just like Jimmy Eat World told you to.

There might be a window, my apologies.

Leslie. No further comment.