The Bro Journey: The National Language of Friendship.


Good afternoon.

Not many things last forever. Think “the only things in life that are guaranteed are taxes and death.” So when something comes along that is forever, you have to hang on to it. Just in case.

Friends as many of you know, I joined a fraternity while at OU. The fraternity has many sayings, one of which being “not for college days alone.” Today I met a FIJI who went to school out east but settled near me in Cincinnati. He and I had never met, didn’t know any of the same people, and are in two totally different parts of our life. Yet, somehow, we had more in common then siblings. It was like we were separated at birth.

We shared stories of our college days: hazing and being hazed, girls, drinking, and sports. We gave each other the grip, recited the creed, and even sang songs we learned while pledging. He and I will stay in touch, unlike many of our friends from college.

Today, reach out to those who you shared a pitcher with underage at your college watering hole. Don’t check their Facebook. Don’t send them a text message. Call them and remind them that you still exist. You enjoyed yourself in college – you have the scars and arrest papers to prove it – don’t forget to enjoy yourself now.

Today’s song: One More Time – Daft Punk

Today’s Wisdom comes from my dude Chuck Wirtz, Bro Journeyer In Residence

Extra Credit: The greatest college in the entire world, Ohio University, was in the news yesterday for shutting campus down after an armed fugitive stole 5 dollars inciting an all day bender like no other. The dudes at Total Frat Move have the story and more.