Sometimes motivation doesn’t come to you in your morning coffee, but rather in your evening whiskey…

Today I worked with a man who has made his wealth designing suits for CEOs. He was a young man, like us, and made a comment to his boss that his suit was ill fitting. His boss commissioned him to master a suit for him, then all his friends, and, as they say, the rest is history.

The man is currently in the process of selling his business to a tailor in NYC for $500,000. No big deal.

I asked him what motivated him, what dream was he chasing, and what was next for him. He adjusted his tortoise framed glasses, readjusted his coat to fit his shoulders, and said “I am motivated to not fail.” He then checked his Breitling and said “and as for a dream? I’m not chasing one, I am living it.”

Friends, I was both jealous and motivated by my visitor today. I would have liked to purchase him lunch, share a few martinis, and learn what it takes to be such a badass and a gentleman. But I didn’t. I know I’ll find my own way to success. And you will, too. Hey, maybe someday he’ll be making suits for you.

Today’s song: Hurt – Johnny Cash

Wednesday Thursday Wisdom is brought to you by Chuck Wirtz, Journeyer from Cincinnati.