This is how I get to work, everyday.

Like most government, health care and financial employees, I had today off for Veterans Day.  I used my day to go for a long run, stuff my face and I’m currently watching Team USA take on France in soccer while slurping down a pint (Yes, I’m writing this on my phone at a bar, please void all typos).

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that I’m doing whatever I want and enjoying a long weekend. No I haven’t served in the armed forces, but our country wants to celebrate those who have sacrificed and we at Team Tallsome are much obliged to do the same (day off or not)!!!

Regardless of your religious, political or any other social opinions you cannot miss the opportunity to thank those who have served our great nation. Take a minute today and call old Uncle Jack and say thank you. Hit up the kid from your high school on Facebook and tell him how much you appreciate his service. Or shake the hand of a service man or woman you might see out tonight. The point being to thank those who have served us.

I know there are some who are adamantly against war and the like and I understand that, but that does not mean that you can disrespect those who are willingly laying their lives on the line to protect our freedom. With all of that said, our Veterans and our military are the cornerstone of our history and the buttress upon which this great nation stands.

So join me in raising a glass, saluting those who serve and a big ole’ “HELL YA” for our troops past and present. Have a safe and happy weekend everyone and God bless the USA.

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!