EDITORS NOTE: This post is from my Mom, Big Pat. She is the gnarliest person in the entire world and today she is sharing some thoughts about why January is special. Give it a read, enjoy your last day in 2013 and get ready for a great start to 2014!

Why I LOVE January by Pat Seevers (Matt’s Mom)

Now that the Christmas holiday season is over, I can start enjoying myself as I look forward to January, the best month of the year. Why, you ask, do you I like January? First of all, I love January, I don’t just like it.

Happy New Years, Ya Filthy Animal

-January is a fresh start. It’s a time to take stock of oneself and recharge after the rush of Christmas. It’s all about resolutions and being kinder and smarter and starting over. Getting things done!

-It’s ok in January to be grabby. You can blame it on the weather or the short days or bills from Christmas. Just about any excuse you want to use is acceptable. Try that in July. No one will have empathy for your poor financial state caused by overspending on stupid Christmas gifts that nobody liked. In July, you will be held accountable for your own grabbiness . Not in January. It’s just not your fault. It’s the weather.

-January morning skies are like no other time of the year. The mornings are crisp and cool, maybe even cold. You can feel the earth waking up as the sun rises and paints the horizon in warm pinks and yellows.

-January night skies are like no other time of the year. The stars in January are just a little brighter, clearer and closer to earth. Since the days are short, you don’t have stay up half the night to see it. You can catch this show anytime after 9 PM in the Midwest. Or, just get up an hour earlier and see the stars give way to the sun as the earth wakes up. If you’re lucky there will be a full moon and snow on the ground. The moonlight will reflect and sparkle off the snow covered ground making the best, spookiest shallows ever!

-January is named after Janus, the god of the doorway. The birthstone is garnet, representing constancy. The flower is the cottage pink Dianthus. May this January be a doorway to new and wonderful things for you. May you be constant in your search for happiness. May each morning sky be pink like the dianthus and bring you warmth. I challenge you to find your own special splendor every day this January. Happy, Happy New Year to you and your family!