As Bring-A-Friend-To-Blog Week continues here at Team Tallsome we’ve looked to the Windy City (again) for words of wisdom and low behold, OU alumnus & outdoor apparel enthusiast Steven Zeisler has heard the call. Listen in friends as Steve informs us of the resurgence that is urban cycling, you might even feel the need to find a fellow Mo Bro/Mo Sista to go tandem biking with (fingers crossed!). Take it away Stevey ZZ.

There has always been a timeless bond between a man and his machines. Whether it’s a sports convertible, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, or a sailboat, a man’s love for his machine is undeniable.

Why, I remember growing up and seeing my grandfather treat his Cadillac like a goddess (second to that of my grandma of course). He cleaned the car and polished her all the time. The interior leather was silky smooth, and my GOODNESS I will always remember that smell. This type of behavior is completely normal for a man. A man’s machine is a symbol of status. It’s a symbol of success. But I also believe it’s a symbol of attitude.

Can you say old-school baller status?

Fellow brethren, I’m here to tell you why you should embrace another machine: the bicycle. Most of you who live in larger cities like Chicago or New York may have noticed an influx of bicycle riders. With the rising gas prices and the economy in limbo, people are finding more creative ways to save money. Transportation is a huge part of our lives that sometimes is overlooked. Men resort to the easy way out by hopping in their cars, even if it’s a short trip to the supermarket or to their office. Thus, here are three reasons why I believe you’ll be more of a man if your start riding a bike:

Independence. How many times have you been stuck in traffic or crunched up like sardines in the train next to some smelly bum? You feel constricted and confined. Men are suppose to be out roaming the fields and conquering mountain ranges (metaphorically of course). When you’re on a bicycle, you can weave in and out of traffic, feel the breeze between your mustache hairs, and have the opportunity to explore more of your city quickly / check out the local scenery (a.k.a. the cute ladies). Riding a bicycle allows you to “march to the beat of your own drum” and not be confined by the societal norms of transportation.

Exercise. What better way to work out the obscene amount of booze you drank last night then to pump out some calories? Not only does it build up your leg muscles but it also gives you that much needed endurance for other sports and umm…you know…extracurricular activities.

And this was before Phil Jackson won all those championships.

Sustainability. Let’s face it. We have a bit of a pollution problem in this big ole world of ours. Why not do your part and help cut back on your carbon footprint? Every little step helps. If you live close to work, try biking a few days out of the week. Nothing screams “manly baller status” if you’re biking in your suit. Not only will you feel better about yourself and your efforts to help the environment, but that so called cute hippie girl next door might actually start noticing you.

Words don’t even do justice.

Thankfully, tapping into the bicycle world is relatively easy. If you live in a large city, chances are there are plenty of used bicycle shops or bike coalitions near you. I myself actually took a chance and bought my bike on craigslist, and it turned out to be one of the best investments I made. Many cities are now embracing bicycle transportation and are doing their part to add specific bicycle lanes and bike-sharing programs. Before buying a bicycle, do your research and figure out what type of bicycle suits your needs. It’s best to get fitted at the local bike store so as to avoid injury / looking like an idiot. And please, for god’s sake invest in a badass looking helmet. Not wearing a helmet is dumb. Period.

Once you start biking more, who knows, maybe you’ll want to challenge yourself to do a major charity ride or even fulfill a dream by biking across the country. You might find some life answers on a bike. Your might find fulfillment on a bike that you’re not getting from your job. Hell, at least you might find a new pickup line. Whatever the case is, you’re a man if you add the bicycle to your repertoire of machines.

Please let me know your thoughts / comments. Also, if you have anything to add about why it’s manly to ride a bicycle, please share your thoughts / personal triumphs of your bike riding experiences.

Steve can be reached at [email protected], @stevenzeisler, or by his preferred method, carrier pigeon.