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A Little Context

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by Co-Founder / Co-Bro / Co-Pilot matt jared Zup Peeps?! Sorry, I’ll never do that again… I just wanted to pop in today say hello to every and let you know that our lack of content this week (and always, for that matter) is due to our extremely busy personal lives (too much g-chatting at […]


He Def. Stills Wants An X-Wing: A Lady’s Take On Man-Children

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By Emily Zimbabwe (Zuwiala) Prepare yourselves for a special treat folks, we got a designer to write a post for us! (This is secretly every ad person who has ever worked with art directors/designers’ dream: to make them do what they feel least comfortable doing, WRITING (insert sinister evil genius laugh here)) However, all jokes […]


Full Disclosure Friday: TBJ Gambling

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Well, the big game is upon us… Aside from writing horribly overused copy to start blogs, I have spent the past few days doing what every other citizen of Planet Earth has presumably been doing: planning my bets for this weekend. I know it’s a horrible addiction for some people, but I really just like […]


February 2nd: GroundDog Day

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by: m. “I don’t want to take credit for this one” jared If you’re a normal person (why are you at a site called “The Bro Journey?”), I can make a few fair assumptions about your general character and your daily activities… you’ve probably sipped your morning coffee, taken a shot of Jack or hammered […]


A Man’s Guide to Watching the Super Bowl

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By E. Max Bonem Esq. It’s that time of year again where us Bengals fans are reminded that the NFL season is still going on and teams that actually win in the playoffs are still marching through their seasons with the potential of raising the Lombardi trophy high into the air. Ah, what it must […]


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