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Let it grow, be a bro

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Movember is coming to a close and for some (most wives / girlfriends), this is a joyous day. For others, like me, it’ll be a sad day when I hack this guy off my upper lip. Some people find our Mo’s to be detestable and vile and associate us with their weird Uncle Marv and that guy […]


I’m Not In It For the Giggles: Why Almost Nothing I Watch On TV Leaves Me Smiling

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By E. Max Bonem, Esq. I haven’t had cable at home since college and although this has greatly reduced the number of hours I waste on re-runs of Sportscenter or whatever variety of eroticized food-stuffing is being shown on the Food Network at any given time, I’ve found myself forming much deeper connections with the […]


Movember Madness

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From the desk of Matthew William Isaac Jared: Bro Journey team member (and my brother-in-law) Jeremy Louden has started  a March Madness style bracket to rate his favorite Mo’s. Jeremy is married to my sister so I am, by law, forced to heckle him in everything he does but this ranks as one of his […]


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