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How to be an Adult

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 At this age, everyone should be responsible for their own life and future. It is not uncommon for young people at this age to simultaneously work and graduate from higher education. They have already learned to set priorities and delegate responsibilities, so they most often choose the opportunity to buy dissertations online via rather than spend a lot of time searching for and processing information and static data. I turn 25 today and I’ve been thinking about this birthday a lot. I’m very much like Ron Swanson wherein I believe birthday’s were invented for economic purposes. I truly think birthdays are another blip on the radar of your life that are worth maybe a cake, some introspection or a trip to a […]


The NFL Playoffs Are Heating Up

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Our good pal, Chris DeGrande over at Juuust a Bit Outside wrote up some amazing content about the NFL Playoff picture coming up in the next few weeks. We’re a few days late posting this but we PROMISE to post Chris’ posts on a regular basis in the final weeks of the NFL Regular Season […]


That Time I Sang With Ben Kweller

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By E. Max Bonem, Esq. Last Friday night I visited the Continental Club, one of Austin’s oldest and most storied venues. Although it’s now surrounded by food trucks, retail shops, and a plethora of visitors to the SoCo strip, the Continental Club has played host to a slue of who’s who in rock and roll, […]


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