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How to Pronounce: Espresso

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After a long hiatus we’re officially back with pronunciation guides. On your journey through, around and into adulthood there will be times when you are tired. We’re fortunate in modern times to have access to chemicals that pep us up and keep us going. These chemicals come in multiple different mediums but one of our […]



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Thomas Frank of College Info Geek joins the podcast to chat about getting the most out of college. Whether you’re just heading to college, you’re out of college or you’re knee deep in the haze of senior year spring quarter this episode helps clear the air on a lot of college questions.


Happy Purim To All!

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This morning I had the delight to find out that Purim is a thing that exists. I also have the delight of having a “translator” who can explain things for us. I couldn’t help but share… I’m gonna break this down real quick for y’alls: Purim is the ONE holiday in the Jewish calendar that […]


Why I LOVE January

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EDITORS NOTE: This post is from my Mom, Big Pat. She is the gnarliest person in the entire world and today she is sharing some thoughts about why January is special. Give it a read, enjoy your last day in 2013 and get ready for a great start to 2014! Why I LOVE January by […]


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