by: matthew william isaac jared

This was my placeholder for the design. I’ve looked at this picture probably 4,000 times this week.

What’s up Bro Journey, peeps? I want to first let you all know that I love you with the fire of a 1,000 suns. Secondly, I want to tell you that since my love for you is so intense that I just couldn’t continue providing you the hilarity and entertainment we provide as the internet’s drunk cousin on a normal (and frankly boring) WordPress template. So I did what any idiot with a Macbook Pro would do, I built a new one myself.

It’s taken months and months of tinkering around, dicking off and checking Facebook and pestering Google and people who are MUCH smarter than me to get this thing off the ground. I know that it is A LOT and there are too many bugs for me to list right now, I just wanted to get it in your hands. So thank you for your patience and I’m fucking stoked to continue sharing our antics with all of you. Before I bid you goodbye, there are a few thanks in order..

Max – Sorry this took forever. I heart you. I promise to never slam my computer through our window when my CSS fucks up, ever again. Or at least through the weekend.

WP Engine – Shayda for hooking me up with all of your chores, Austin for always pushing me and Justin and Ryan for fixing TBJ when it imploded horriby. Oh and thanks for the hosting too, that was really sweet of you guys.

Site Slinger – Nate, Joel and Jex. Thank you for helping me and telling me that I’m batshit crazy every once in a while.

Mom – Thank you for being hilarious.

Everyone else- Get ready for some action. We’re ready to go…

If you’ve been thoroughly disappointed with our output please tweet us @TheBroJourney and tell us that we suck. If you have a few extra bucks, go to our Movember page and donate to help cure cancer. Seriously, the whole point of this is to help our Movember team grow (and make you chortle every once in a while).

That’s all I have. Thanks for your patience and be ready to rage.

#drunkcousin OUT!!