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Full Disclosure Friday: Carla Sell

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Today’s Full Disclosure Friday comes from my good pal and Bro Journey correspondent, Carla Sell. Carla has set me up with young ladies in bars, yelled at The Bulldog for not having enough confidence (who would have ever though such a thing possible?) and shared a Macgasm with her boyfriend (The Bro Journey Shaman, Bret) […]


SXSWhat the F*ck Just Happened: A Guide For Future First Time Participants

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By E. Max Bonem, Esq. Welcome back nerds! Did you miss us? We certainly missed you, along with other normal life functions like getting a good night’s rest, feeling hydrated, eating “healthy,” and actually being able to catch one’s breath. Starting on March 8th (give or take a day and a few thousand brain cells), […]


Full Disclosure Friday: This is still happening ….

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SXSW Recap: Volume 1 matt jared Wow. I hope everyone is ready for a long and arduous journey as I update you on the happenings of The Bro Journey from the past two and a half weeks. Yes. It’s been a month since I put my two weeks in at my (not-so-well) paying job to come […]


An update from the road….

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I copied this from Facebook. I’m coming off a 12 hour bender, give me a break… UPDATE: I’m in Texarkana, Texas for the night. Here are some statistics from my trip so far …. 800: Miles Traveled 12: hours driven (with a one hour subtraction for time change) 3: stops to get food, gas and […]


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