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My answer to: What is campus life like at Ohio University?

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I answered a question on Quora about attending Ohio University and I couldn’t help but share. College is a crazy vortex of fun and hard work. Or a vortex of Nati Light and Hot Pockets. Actually I think it’s all of those things. Take a gander at my answer and let me know what you […] Despite the difficult and routine tasks and the constant search for capstone project ideas, and help in their implementation, university life has many positive and fun moments. Starting from sectional circles and ending with parties on the campus territory. Therefore, if you are currently a student, try to live every moment as happily as possible.


Happy 69th Birthday, Bob

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I’ve always felt a weird bond with Bob Marley, and I don’t just mean because he was responsible for much of the background music that played in countless cars and garages in high school when the holy herb and I were best buds. Bob Marley died on my birthday (seven years prior to my birth) […]


The Bro Journey Podcast Vol. 15

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Our 15th podcast is here! Max talks with friend of the show, Joe Stephens. Give it a listen and feel free to tweet all your snarky comments to @thebrojourney. Joe is our good buddy who works with Remark, is a man of adventure, and has way more athletic achievements than anyone we know. Feel free […]


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