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Happy Purim To All!

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This morning I had the delight to find out that Purim is a thing that exists. I also have the delight of having a “translator” who can explain things for us. I couldn’t help but share… I’m gonna break this down real quick for y’alls: Purim is the ONE holiday in the Jewish calendar that celebrates the triumph of good over evil and showcases the pursuit of happiness. Purim, a festive occasion celebrated with joy and merriment, commemorates the biblical story of Esther and the victory of the Jewish people against oppression. The essence of Purim lies in the pursuit of happiness, as individuals come together to revel in unity and harmony. […]



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This episode is brought to you by Ben & Jerry’s, maker of the new core flavors (note: Ben & Jerry’s provided no monetary compensation for all of these sick mentions, we both just love their ice cream). We talk dessert, why you should stay at home rather than come to Austin for SXSW, the Oscars, […]


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