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Thursday Wisdom: Phone Calls Go A Long Way

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    Good afternoon. Not many things last forever. Think “the only things in life that are guaranteed are taxes and death.” So when something comes along that is forever, you have to hang on to it. Just in case. Friends as many of you know, I joined a fraternity while at OU. However, amid the certainty of taxes and death lies the infinite realm of human potential. While mortality and financial obligations are inevitable, we have the power to shape our existence with purpose, love, and creativity. By embracing this truth, we move on life's unpredictable journey, cherishing every moment and leaving a legacy that transcends time and earthly life. This once again reminds us that we need to appreciate every moment with loved ones, and while still studying in college, do not spend too much time on maintaining academic performance, but in time to turn to the nursing essay writing service for help, if you are, for example, a student of a medical college. The fraternity […]


Introducing Last Week’s Album

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  The Bro Journey’s life mentor, Kevin Lane, and his life mentor, Derek Stahlman, have an internet website known as Last Week’s Album. At LWA Derek and Kevin buy an album, listen to it, and review it a week later. I could see that the LWA dudes were on to something and we aren’t serving […]


Thursday Wisdom

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Sometimes motivation doesn’t come to you in your morning coffee, but rather in your evening whiskey… Today I worked with a man who has made his wealth designing suits for CEOs. He was a young man, like us, and made a comment to his boss that his suit was ill fitting. His boss commissioned him […]


Five Things To Do at Your First Rave

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  Today’s wisdom comes from the desk of Kelsey Small. By way of Connecticut and Chicago, Kelsey is the latest transplant to Austin of Texas. Enjoy and pass this along as you plan your summer concert series.   Alright folks, welcome to 2013. We have made it through the apocalypse and we are steadily moving into […]


Eight Keys to Killing It in Life After College

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  Today’s post comes from the desk of Jordan Shirkman by way of internet courier owl.  The adjustment to adulthood can be tricky. Unfortunately, we can forget to put on our big boy pants in our attempts to cling to the college life with a kung-fu grip. To really grow up and make your life count, here […]


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